Thursday, 1 May 2014

frilly baby romper

Use a plain onesie that is a size too big 

Remove the sleeves

Remove the stitching from around the neck

Use lacey or frilly trim. You can sew it on but to 
save time you can use fabric glue.
Keep glue away from babies; do not let them wear the romper until glue has dried and romper has been washed.

Cut the trim and start gluing from 
the bottom and work your way up 

When you are finished the back let glue dry for 30 minutes before flipping over and doing the front

Glue trim all the way up to the arm holes

Use trim as straps and 
cut away excess fabric from back of onesie 
Let dry 24 hours before washing and allowing baby to wear.
Using glue will limit onesie's ability to stretch so it is important to use a onesie that is a size too big for the baby.

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  1. Can I order one my size? LOL!! Her face in the first picture is like "pictures again Mom?!" Such a photogenic and pretty baby like her mama :)