Thursday, 27 February 2014

Cowardly Lion Memory Frame Necklace

Celebrate The Wizard of Oz movie's 75th anniversary 
with this necklace
Or make your own, whatever, I'm not the boss of you.

 For the front of the necklace I cut this out 
from scrapbook paper
You could also find a picture online or scan a picture from a book

 I cut out the word courage from the dictionary
I originally cut out the entire definition but it wouldn't fit.
I should have scanned it from the page and edited it to fit.

I put it in a memory frames pendant in between two glass slides (sold separately) 
more info here

Because it is between glass both the front 
and back are visible 
depending which way you want to wear it

you can also do it with Mod Podge on a blank dog-tag like I have below
but that is a tutorial for another day

Monday, 24 February 2014

30 Sucks

I made this for a much older than me (wink) friend's 30th birthday

You will need
              • floral foam 
              • cardstock
              • suckers
              • decorative tape
              • letter/number stickers (I used my Cricut machine instead)

 Wrap the cardstock around the foam like it was a present
but leave a strip of space unwrapped.

Tape up the ends with decorative tape.

The tape is doing double duty here; 
it has to hold the cardstock on the foam and look good doing it.

Stick all thirty suckers into the exposed areas of the foam.

Use stickers or cut out "30 sucks"

No stickers or Cricut? Make it on the computer or 
use one of mine below.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Free Monthly Milestone Stickers-monsters

Make your own or print these ones.
Personal use only folks.

Free Milestone Monthly Stickers- blue garden

I made these using

Make your own or 
use these ones in scrapbooking or when taking photos

Print them out on sticker paper or 
on regular paper and attach to baby's onesie with double sided tape

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Free Milestone Month Stickers-pink garden

I made these using

make your own or print these ones off.
Free, have at 'er!
But seriously personal use only; 
I don't know what picmonkey's rules are for commercial use.

print on sticker paper or 
on regular paper and use double sided tape to attach to party hat
keeping the hat on for a photo is the tricky part

Friday, 21 February 2014

Ladybug Box

Re-purpose a coffee mug gift box 

Now it matches my daughter's room 
and we keep her headbands in it

I had a container similar to this one except it was black.

I painted over the existing logo on the container with black acrylic paint. Do not over paint near the top or else the lid won't fit.
For the lid I glued red and black felt to look like a ladybug.

Here are some other ideas....go nuts

Baby Headband

So cute and it won't look like it is squeezing your baby's head.

Cut two pieces of ribbon. 
The longer one must fit around the baby's head; the shorter one must be long enough to tie into a bow.
Tie the shorter one in a bow around the longer one.

Cut velcro and sew it on the ends of the longer ribbon.

Boom! Done.

Now all you need is a cute baby.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

DIY Wedding Decor

photos from my wedding in 2011
all the decor is homemade
even the wedding cake
(cake topper store bought)

Pretty Up a Bookshelf

just slap it on there
 it doesn't have to be perfect
you're just going to cover it up with books anyway