Friday, 14 March 2014

Dresser Drawer Makeover

This dresser/change table was handmade and 
has been in my family for some time so I wanted to keep it,
but it was in rough shape

First I cleaned it and then pulled out the old contact paper-
there was a reason that contact paper was on there!

I scanned and printed some book pages and 
used Peter Rabbit postcards 

Once I arranged them the way I wanted 
I measured out how much contact paper I would need.
Use clear contact paper to hold the pages and postcards in place.

Follow the directions on the contact paper, but ye be warned
it is frustrating getting all the air pockets out.
Whatever the design, use glossy paper 
because it may take a few tries getting the contact paper how you want it and if you use regular paper it may rip. 

 PS. contact paper does not photograph well
but looks great in real life

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